Gree South Africa is committed to
exceeding customer expectations by
supplying technically advanced
products and innovative solutions in
the air conditioning market

"The master of core technology
for the clearer sky and greener earth"

In 1991, Gree set out to make the world a cooler place. To this end, they have become a global leader in air conditioners, developing some of the most advanced commercial and residential air conditioners in the world. Gree is now the world's largest specialized air conditioner company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Gree's mission is to innovate and create new ways to help people live well and stay comfortable no matter where they live, work or play.
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Solar Hybrid
Power Air Conditioner
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R290 Air Conditioner
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Rare Earth-free
Inverter Compressor
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Direct-driven Inverter
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Photovoltaic Direct-driven
VRF System
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Ultra Low Frequency
Inverter Air Con
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Integral ATW Heat
Pump Water Heater

"World's largest


air conditioner company"


Global GREE

"Thanks to 300 million users, Gree products are sold
widely in more than 200 countries and regions"
One in every three worldwide air conditioners is manufactured by Gree and rated Global No1 air conditioning manufacturer. Gree has nine production bases and its current air conditioning annual capacity is 60,000,000 sets of Residential (RAC) and 5,500,000 sets of Commercial (CAC). Gree has been rated by Forbes as Top 385 Global best company amongst 2000 companies above all other air-con competitors. Gree products are amongst the most technically advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly on the market today.